A . G O L D E N . A G E

Barbara created patterns made from original dresses acquired from the Art Deco period. After consulting 1920’s fashion and taking trips to fashion museums in London, Paris and Europe, she began to collect suitable fabrics for her designs. Materials have been purchased from London and throughout the UK, hand picked by Barbara with a specific design in mind.

The 1920’s look conjures up an image of The Charleston being danced by a very slim girl in a ‘Shift Dress’ a flat chested, no curve slip of a dress just covering the knee. By 1924 the ‘Flapper’ or boyish look was established.

The atmosphere of the time was caught in the slim, angular, attractiveness of the clothes worn, shiny figure hugging bias cut dresses, beaded chiffon shifts and beautiful printed silk dresses with uneven hemlines

Art Deco emerged as an antidote to the past economic depression and hunger marches. It was against this troubled era that art deco forged itself as the golden age of the 1920’s, characterised by a range of exquisitely designed garments, objects, household items, furniture, and even buildings!